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| May 28, 2012

Leading Internet Marketer Eben Pagan will be releasing his first product of the year on Monday, July 16th with Guru Product Blueprints.

The product will be focused on creating and selling your own information product which is a time-tested method of making money online. Eben has created multiple best-selling products over the years including his trademark Guru Masterclass, Wake-up Productive and Altitude.

The training included with Guru Product Blueprints will detail how Eben developed his products which have each sold over a million dollars. There are multiple methods for creating and marketing information products, as well as, different types of products. Guru Product Blueprints will include eBooks, audio and video programs, coaching, membership programs, webinars and live events, as well as, continuity programs. In addition, the training includes templates for creating your own products, based on Eben’s models.

The pre-launch for Guru Product Blueprints will begin two weeks earlier on Monday, July 2nd. During pre-launch Eben will be providing a variety of high quality videos and tools to help get you started right away.

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