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| December 16, 2011

elite internet club jimmy kimThe Elite Internet Club is a brand new Internet Marketing coaching program from Jimmy Kim that opened this week. You can take the Elite Internet Club for a ten-day trial for just $1. Many marketers credit their success to a coach or a mentor. Jimmy has been working with leading marketer Anik Singal in teaching others how to make money online. He has also been involved in many successful products including Commission Domination and Easy Profit Bot.

Elite Internet Club is a membership program that will consist of training, coaching and software automation tools. Members will receive new training modules and software each month. The program will cover a variety of topics including social media, SEO, blogging, email marketing and video marketing to name a few. In addition there will be live bi-weekly coaching sessions. During the coaching sessions there will be discussion, questions-and-answers, as well as, reviews of members affiliate sites. These sessions will be recorded and kept online inside the Elite Internet Club members area.

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