Internet Profits Opportunity (IPO) from Michael Cheney

| August 29, 2012

internet profits opportunity review bonusInternet Profits Opportunity (IPO) is a unique new product from veteran marketing entrepreneur Michael Cheney.

Here are the dates to remember. IPO will officially be launched on Monday, November 12th at 12:00 noon ET and will be available until 10:00pm ET of November 21st. In addition, IPO will be limited to only 300 buyers.

Internet Profits Opportunity is a product that will let you watch over-the-shoulder as Michael creates and launches a product on the Warrior Forum. The unique aspect is that anyone who purchases IPO will share in the front-end profits of the product that Michael creates when it is launched in late January 2013. That is definitely an interesting twist to get excited about.

IPO will feature 12 weekly live webinars or “cash casts” as Micheal refers to them. This is where you will watch the process of creating and launching the product. In addition, there will also be the “big cash blueprints” which are a variety of documents and checklists. They are what Micheal uses during the development of his products which can be followed during the creation of your own products. Finally, as mentioned earlier, those who purchase IPO will share in the profits of the product that is created and launched from scratch during the webinars.

One final note, many of you frequently ask me about upsells when marketing products are launched. There will be no upsells or downsells with Internet Profits Opportunity.

That’s it for now. IPO is still a couple of months from being available. I’ll keep you updated with any additional info as we get closer to the official launch day, as well as, with my bonus offer for purchasing from this site. All The Best!

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Internet Profits Opportunity (IPO) from Michael Cheney, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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