Jonny Andrews – Underground Money Buttons (and Income Automation System)

| September 3, 2010

Jonny Andrews released Underground Money Buttons on October 11 and will be releasing Income Automation System on October 26th. You can read about both below 😉

Income Automation System

Income Automation System is a WordPress plugin that will instantly build a site for you, including content. It also helps to get the sites indexed and generate backlinks.

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Underground Money Buttons

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On the horizon is a new product from Jonny Andrews called Underground Money Buttons. Over the years Jonny has sold over 22,000 copies of his previous products which include the Money Siphon System, Cash System X and The Guru Assassin. The targeted prelaunch date for Underground Money Buttons is Monday, October 11th and the official launch is Thursday, October 14th.

It all starts with traffic….Underground Money Buttons is Jonny’s system for tapping into traffic sources, getting into the buyers mindset and the ultimate goal of automating the processes. Jonny has a video introducing you to Underground Money Buttons and is offering a free copy of his Elite Traffic Attack report.

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Underground Money Buttons features the following modules: Your Guaranteed Success System, The Income Flow Method, The Jujitsu Leverage System, Traffic Bribery, Instant Automation Principle and the powerful Money Linking Tactics.

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  1. Larry says:

    Beware of Jonny Andrews’ Income Automation System. The program does what it purports to do; populate your website with relevant content. For an initial fee, you get 5 customizable WordPress themes with a promise to receive another theme each month as part of an ongoing membership.

    However, what he doesn’t tell you is that he controls your website since he owns your domain and hosting. The result is that if you have all the websites you want and cancel your monthly membership ALL of your websites are taken down.

    Having spent considerable time and effort in customizing a website, only to have it suspended when I canceled the monthly membership fee, I contacted them to see if I could transfer the domain to another hosting company. I even said they could remove/disable their proprietary plugin. The result was, I never heard from them, which in retrospect should have been anticipated in that their customer service is virtually non-existent.

    Since they were not going to respond to my request, there was no other alternative but to request a refund of the initial price. Even that was problematic in that each time I asked for a refund from ClickBank the request got closed. Bottom line is that it took over a month of constantly reopening the request for a refund to get a refund. This is not someone I would choose to do business with in the future.