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| January 25, 2013

cash cannons michael cheney
Cash Cannons is the upcoming new product from leading Internet Marketing entrepreneur Michael Cheney which focuses on the power of video to make money online.

Cash Cannons planned to officially launch on Monday, March 4th 2013 at 12:00 Noon EST and be available through Wednesday, March 13th at midnight.

Cash Cannons will sell for $47 (Official Site)

Why Video?

Over the last few years the importance and necessity of video marketing has sky-rocketed. This is true for marketers of all types businesses including Internet Marketers and the traditional brick and mortar stores. Why is this…because video is everywhere. The sheer number of users who are watching videos online is staggering. Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube every month where they watch over 4 billion hours of video. 😎

Also many Internet Marketers who traditionally relied on search engine optimization to rank their affiliate websites have been hit hard by the Panda and Penguin updates. However, now you are seeing videos dominate the top of the search engine results.

Cash Cannon Contents

Cash Cannons is comprised of 17 instructional videos which cover how to profit from video marketing, as well as, an accompanying manual. The course covers how to get started by finding products to sell, planning your video, determining the presentation style, creating/editing/publishing your video, website considerations such as design and payment processing and also driving traffic to your website/salespage.

You will be able to download each of the videos, and also download a MP3 of the audio of each video, as well as, a PDF transcript. You will also be provided with checklists which detail the next steps that you need to take for action after each video. That serves to help keep you on track as you progress through the course.

Below is a sample screenshot from the easy to navigate members area inside of Cash Cannons. It is possible that final site may change by the time the course officially launches 😉

cash cannons member area


Cash Cannons – Learn More Now

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