Profit Monarch from Paul Ponna

| February 3, 2011

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Profit Monarch is the latest product from Paul Ponna that will be officially launched on February 21.

Paul Ponna has released multiple best selling products over the past couple of years including Copy Paste Systems, Miracle Traffic Bot, Magic List Bot and most recently Auto Blog Samurai.

Profit Monarch is an exclusive and powerful 3-in-1 software program that is utilized to help you enter a niche and dominate it behind the power of video and viral marketing. We all know that video marketing continues to be one of the hottest trends online and in particular with Internet Marketing.

The three components of the product are Niche Monarch, Traffic Monarch and Profit Monarch. The Niche Monarch software is used to ferret out exploitable niches, Traffic Monarch is a powerful traffic module that helps to build authority backlinks and Profit Monarch will aid in building your affiliate marketing and sales material.

Profit Monarch will sell for $77.

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