Revolving Commissions – Turn Your Passion Into Profits!

| January 14, 2012

revolving commissions
Revolving Commissions is an new product from the marketing team of Jerome Chapman and Blake Barrett that will be released on Monday, January 16th at 9:00am ET.

Revolving Commissions will sell for $47. However, be sure to try leaving the site to see if you are offered a discount 🙂 In addition to the main product there will be three optional upsells priced at $197, $97, $37/m.

Jerome and Blake have been working on Revolving Commissions together for the past six months. They describe Revolving Commissions as a product that will allow you to take your passion and turn it into easy, passive income. This seems like a great concept since many marketers often target niches in which they don’t have experience with or really any interest in. If the niche market is also your passion then you are more than likely to enjoy putting your time and effort into it. IMO this should ultimately improve your chances to succeed!

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