The Blueprint Project – Black Edition from Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton

| November 23, 2010

The Blueprint Project Black Edition

Launch Date: January 11, 2011 at 12pm ET

Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton, the respected marketers behind the incredibly popular Niche Blueprint course, are back reveal the next installment in the series called The Blueprint Project Black Edition. The course will feature nearly 60 videos, 18 manuals, 8 software tools, as well as, shipped DVD’s.

The Blueprint Project Black Edition is the result of their lessons learned and experience over the years. In a nutshell the product is exactly as it is titled – a Blueprint. It is a blueprint or “project plan” of how they built a $1 million online business in only eight months. Many people trying to start an online business or make money online are starting from scratch and often need direction or guidance. The Blueprint Project Black Edition is a comprehensive product consisting of checklists, processes, best practices, tools and training for developing niche e-commerce websites selling physical products. Excited? You definitely should be πŸ˜‰

The first step in the process is to find a market or a niche. There are many opinions on how to target a market but Tim and Steve will detail how to find a market with customers that are truly ready to buy. This is what is known as having “high commercial intent”, where the customer knows what they want. You will discover how to find these people and know what people are searching for. Using a checklist of processes and tools, Steve believes that you will find more niches than you will have time to build sites for. This section of the course includes six instructional videos.

Outside of the cost of the course, the only additional expense is the cost for purchasing domain and web hosting. Blueprint Project Black Edition includes what they refer to as “push button profits” which is their complete e-commerce website builder. This is software that they have continually been upgrading over the years to not only be easy to use but to also convert which is essential. You do not need any specialized expertise or technical skill to be able to do this.

Many Internet Marketing products teach you how to profit by selling digital products. Since The Blueprint Project Black Edition is about selling physical products there are differences that you will need to understand such as working with partners and suppliers. Fortunately, this is all covered. Over the years, Tim and Steve, have invested heavily to develop a large database of partners and suppliers who are more than willing to handle your inventory and shipping needs. In fact, this supplier database of theirs is a separate product that they sell but will be included in the Blueprint Project Black Edition. In addition, they also have a very experienced team of product sourcers who have put together all of their top tips for finding and working with suppliers. You also have the ability to submit a support request to the sourcers to help find you a supplier.

Getting traffic to your e-commerce website is the next topic and it is huge. Included in Blueprint Project Black Edition are a variety of methods for getting free traffic from Google. It starts with search engine optimization (SEO) and understanding how easy it can be to get first page rankings for your site’s chosen keywords. There are ten instructional videos in the course covering traffic generation and link building. In addition, there are a variety of powerful tools that will aid the process.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg for the Blueprint Project Black Edition. There is also a massive chapter on paid traffic sources ranging from Google Adwords, Facebook, Amazon partnerships and Microsoft Adcenter. In addition, there is training on personalizing your project plan, monitoring the daily operations of your stores, performing monthly reviews, and how to sell your sites.

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