WP Mage Monster from Greg Jacobs

| June 21, 2011

wp mage monsterOn Tuesday, July 12th Greg Jacobs will be launching his new product WP Mage Monster.

You will want to tune into the prelaunch for WP Mage Monster which will begin one week earlier beginning on Tuesday, July 5th. During this time Greg will teach you how to manually perform all of the steps that WP Mage Monster will automate. This will give you a good idea of the capabilities of the product.

Quick Background – In 2009 Greg release WP Mage and it quickly became one a standard among affiliate marketing automation products. An easy to use product, or toolbox, that consisted of CPMage, DomainMage and KeywordMage. These components that allowed you to quickly affiliate blogs completely configured with content from Amazon, Fickr, eBay, YouTube and others, as well as, provided keyword research and page rank domain buying resources.

WP Mage Monster is not just a relaunch of the original version. In fact, Greg and his team have spent the past 13 months developing the product making it even more powerful for Internet Marketing beginners because it makes you focus on the steps to get up and running. Experienced marketers will benefit from its modular and customizable design.

Customer Forum – I can think of many other products that I purchased that promised an active community forum that ultimately turned out to be a dozen or so posts that primarily complaints. When WP Mage was initially launched it was done with minimal hype compared to many other marketing products. It quickly took off and the active user community helped to build a extensive customer forum that consists of over 40,000 member posts that provide motivation, offer advice while sharing success stories.

On again, WP Mage Monster will officially be available on July 12th. It will be available through the 17th accommodate a limited number of buyers. Check back later for additional details on the members area and for my bonus offer for purchasing from this site. All The Best! Tim

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