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| October 30, 2012

wp pipeline bonus reviewWP Pipeline is a new product from Ben Shaffer and Tony Marriott that can benefit anyone who runs multiple WordPress blogs.

WP Pipeline will officially be launched on Tuesday, November 27th at 12:00pm ET.

As someone who has a couple dozen WordPress blogs I know the pain it can be keeping them updated. It takes time to keep WordPress, plugins and themes updated to the latest and greatest versions. Remember – time is money. This is where WP Pipeline comes to the rescue as it lets you control all of your WordPress sites from one dashboard. Saving time with these technical issues provides you more time to concentrate on your marketing efforts…which is a good thing.

WP Pipeline uses a combination of WordPress plugins – one referred to as the “master” and other which is the “slave”. It’s a simple concept; you install the “master” on a blog which will serve to control all your blogs. The “slave” will be installed on the other blogs that you want to manage from the master blog. Once setup you are then provided the flexibility to mass control many of the aspects of your blogs. One great feature of WP Pipeline is that you can apply the updates to one blog, multiple blogs or all of your blogs.

  • Create new blogs or clone existing blogs.
  • Ability to individually or bulk register your blog domains into the control center.
  • Update or delete existing WordPress, plug-ins and themes.
  • Deploy new plug-ins and themes.
  • Create blog groups which lets you apply common changes just to those blogs.
  • Maintain the user permissions across your blogs.
  • Back-up your blogs to several sources including to email, local disk, FTP or Amazon S3.

WP Pipeline will come in 3 different versions – Basic, Standard and Pro. The versions differ on the number of “slave” sites that you will be able to control. Basic ($27) allows 5 sites, Standard ($67) allows 100 sites and Pro ($147 $67) allows Unlimited sites. As you can see there is currently special pricing which you can get the Pro version for the normal cost of the Standard version.

WP Pipeline with both instructional manuals and videos, as well as, a 60 day money back guarantee.

Check It OutWP Pipeline – Take Control Of Your Blogs

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