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| June 14, 2012

backlinkBuilding backlinks is an essential part of getting better search engine rankings and increasing organic traffic to your websites and blogs.

Like most people, when I first started online I was building backlinks manually. However, it wasn’t long before this became…

tedious and time consuming

This problem just got worse as I started to set-up more and more niche sites. There had to be a better way. It wasn’t long before I began to outsource my backlink building.

Over the past several years I have used a variety of different services including the popular forum and profile backlink packages, other Warrior Special Offers, Fiverr, press release services, many blog networks, Xrummer blasts and dripped links.

As you may know there have been many recent changes to the Google search engine algorithms with the biggest being the Panda and Penguin updates. Previously powerful article directories have been penalized hard and many blog networks have closed after their blogs were de-indexed.  Keeping up with the changes in search engine optimization can be challenging.

However, the one service that has stood out is Steven Miranda’s Skyyo Media link building service. Without a doubt this has become my go to backlinking service and is one of the best reviewed services on the Warrior Forum. Skyyo always keeps up with the latest changes in search engine marketing.

You simply cannot blast out thousands of blog comments with the same keyword anchor text. Instead keyword diversity, link diversity and social signals are among the most important trends following the recent updates.

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Skyyo Media provides a variety of backlink services including combination packages and monthly packages. They offer very reasonable prices (save more with the coupon code above) and great service. SkyyoMedia allows you to provide multiple keywords to be used as anchor text for your backlinks to help with link diversity. In addition, they are now offering more social signal services such as Facebook likes, Twitter re-tweets and Google 1+ votes. That’s just the beginning, below are a few of the services that Skyyo Media provides:

  • Wiki Links
  • EDU Wiki Links
  • Starter Packages for new sites
  • Press Releases – Writing and Distribution
  • Social Book Marketing
  • Web 2.0
  • Link Pyramids
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Profiles

If you are ready to offload some of the backlinking chores or want to add some diversity to your existing backlinking activities then be sure to check out SkyyoMedia.

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