Unstoppable List Building – How To Attract Subscribers Quickly

| July 7, 2009

You’re probably quite familiar with products that promise to solve your dilemma about effective list building. Many of them don’t deliver. When you reach the end, you’re either overwhelmed with information, or you are left wondering what you missed.

Justin Michie’s report “Unstoppable List Building“, which he is offering free for a limited time, finally delivers on a much needed Internet marketing subject. He provides only the information you need to understand how to make list building effective and lays out a plan in easy to follow steps.

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At 65 pages, it takes you through the basics of opt-ins to monetizing your promotions to viral marketing and the importance of testing to maximize your opt-in rate. I particularly like the section that talks about how to avoid fraudulent signups.

Overall, the report will get you on track quickly to building your list properly and effectively.

For seasoned marketers, you might find the opening few chapters to be a slow read, but when you hit the section on Viral Marketing, the pace picks up dramatically. Before I’d finished this chapter, I was anxious to get started with my own viral project to grow my list.

Justin shares some great tips on where to attract people to your opt-in list and he points out the massive benefits to building your list. Imagine how your list will help you to find JV partners, launch new products, beat out other affiliates in product launches and contests and, perhaps most importantly, enable you to create significant income on demand.

It’s easy to relate to his story about list building while “not really” building a list. That’s when you plod along building a list of a few hundred people, rather than bursting through the gate adding hundreds of subscribers every day.

Justin shows you exactly how to do that in terms anyone can understand and apply.

In the final pages of his report, Justin provides the exact services and resources he uses to succeed with his business. These include everything from where to find affiliate programs, web hosts and the all-important reliable auto responders to training and tracking, and much more. This alone is invaluable as it saves you the time and effort of seeking out and testing systems for yourself.

Unstoppable List Building provides real meat and is one of the best reports of its kind that I’ve read.

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