The Leaked Chapter from Mafioso Marketing 2

| September 17, 2009

Mafioso Marketing 2Mafioso Marketing 2 is a new course from Rhys Davies that pre-launched today. The official release date is next Tuesday, September 22.  Mafioso Marketing 2 is a combination eBook and video product that teaches the strategies that Rhys used to earn over $148,000 in profits last in 2008.

Rhys has termed these strategies The MIF Formula, an acronym that stands for Monthly, Instant and  Future profits.  Each of these strategies is independent of the other – as Rhys has put it – you can pick and choose which you want to pursue.  Inside the 60+ page eBook you will find recommendations for making some quick cash, as well as, how to build substantial future profits.  Mafioso Marketing 2 will sell for $67 which includes the eBook, a Resource Report and traffic generation videos…plus more extras that Rhys is adding to the insider’s section of his website.

Now that Mafioso Marketing 2 has pre-launched you can sign-up to get a copy of the “Leaked Chapter”.  By signing up, you will also be placed on the early bird notification list.  On September 22nd, you will receive an early bird link to purchase Mafioso Marketing 2 one hour prior to its official release.

Click here to get your Leaked Chapter and be added to the Early Bird List

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