Mass PPV Traffic – Launches October 27th

| October 18, 2009

Mass PPV TrafficBobby Walker and Adeel Chowdhry are teaming up with Kris Trujillo to release Mass PPV Traffic on Tuesday, October 27th.  PPV simply stands for Pay Per View and in the most basic terms is buying traffic from PPV advertisers.  PPV is also known as Cost Per View (CPV).  This traffic comes in the form of popup or pop-under windows that appear when accessing websites.  These ads are highly targeted because you can bid on the keyword or destination website.  You pay per impression and the cost can be inexpensive in comparison to other traffic techniques; such as Pay Per Click.  Kris has been utilizing PPV advertising successfully to promote CPA offers and also quickly building his e-mail subscriber list.  In the prelaunch video example, Kris used PPV advertising to get over 45,000 visitors and 9000 subscribers in 24 hours.  His PPV marketing techniques will be revealed in the Mass PPV Traffic course.

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