The Naked Truth – From Idea to Implementation

| July 30, 2009

The Naked Truth Online“From Idea To Implementation” can be used to describe The Naked Truth, a new product from Cam Forbes.  In case you have not heard of Cam, he has successfully launched over a dozen products online since 2003; including 5 Minute Minisites and Marketing in Minutes.

The Naked Truth officially launched today and it focuses on creating and promoting your own products to sell online.  You may have heard that selling your own product is one of the fastest ways to make money online.

Cam shows you how to turn your ideas into products and then bring them to market fast.  He removes the hurdles that many people typically encounter during the product creation process.  The Naked Truth consists of the following modules:

  1. Analysis and Design
  2. White Hot Products
  3. Your RPG (Rapid Product Generator)
  4. Selling Machine
  5. Fast Action Bonuses
  6. Bonus – Covert Persuasion Tactics
  7. Bonus – Throwing Open the Toolbox

==> Check out the The Naked Truth and learn how to bring your killer ideas to market.

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