Ordering & Bonuses

Instructions – How to Claim Your Bonuses

On this website you will find updates on the latest Internet Marketing Product Launches. As an Internet Marketer, I will typically earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking their links from this website. For many products I will also offer bonuses, such as a discount or complimentary products to increase the overall value to main product. This is a win-win for both of us!

Step 1: Clear Cookies in Your Web Browser
In order to ensure that you can get your bonuses you must clear the cookies on your web browser prior to ordering. Below are the basic instructions for common browsers. You may also visit the About Cookies website to learn how to clear cookies for most browsers.

How to clear cookies in Firefox:
– Go to Tools
– Go to Options
– Go to Privacy and then Private Data
– Click Settings
– Check Cache and check Cookies, then click the OK button
– Click the “Clear Now” button

Clear your cookies in Internet Explorer 6:
– Go To Tools
– Go to Internet Options
– In the General tab and under Browsing History, click Delete
– Click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files
– Click OK and then OK again.

Clear your cookies in Internet Explorer 7:
– Go To Your Control Panel
– Go to Internet Options
– Under Browsing History, click Delete
– Click the Delete Cookies button

Step 2: Ordering from Clickbank (this step does not apply when ordering WP Robot)
For products being sold via Clickbank, verify that my affiliate name is included on the order form. At the bottom of the Clickbank order form you should see my affiliate name [affiliate = mdt09] or [affiliate = mdt09.im4s]. See the image below for an example. If it does not, then return to step 1.

Step 3: Claim Your Bonus

If a discount is being offered, then it will be sent to your PayPal address once the refund period for the product has past.

Forward your receipt to bonus @ imforsuccess.com (remove the spaces around the @)

I will confirm your order and provide download links for the bonuses within 24-48 hours!

To your success!


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