Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus

| August 30, 2009

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2
You’ve been reading a lot about Ewen Chia’s upcoming Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 on this site. More than likely the buzz over the release will only build leading up to the official release on September 1. The initial version of the product sold over 50,000 copies on it’s way to becoming a legendary Internet Marketing product. The demand for the followup Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 is expected to be outrageous considering it’s proven track record and small price tag of $9.97. It features 4 modules that cover Choosing Your Business, Profits Without Products, The Power Of A Network and Your Traffic Gusher, along with over 12 accompanying videos. Plus you also get the original version of the Secret Affiliate Weapon.

Update 9/4 – I received notice from Ewen that the price for Secret Affiliate Weapon 2.0 is going up on Saturday 9/5, 12:00pm EST.

The course by its self is an incredible value. If you are looking for a Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus then continue reading after the jump.

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus #1

Affiliate Review Riches Exposed – How to generate residual income using affiliate review techniques.

  • The concepts behind monetizing affiliate review sites
  • Techniques on how to find the right product to promote
  • Tips begind effective market research
  • How to drive traffic easily to your website

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus #2

Niche Blog Affiliate Profits – This combination eBook and video course includes 6 modules that cover the following topics:

  • Affiliate Programs For Your Niche
  • Niche Blog Automation
  • Clickbank HopAd Builder
  • Free Blog Traffic
  • Choosing A Domain For Your Niche
  • Longtail Niche Keywords
  • How To Find Hot Niches

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus #3

New Web Traffic Secrets – A massive video course reveals how to unleash a storm of Web 2.0 traffic to your website.

  • Web 2.0 traffic techniques are some of the best ways for you to get traffic.
  • 16 comprehensive videos
  • 172 minute video course…that’s almost 3 hours of content

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus #4

350 Sales and Marketing Tactics – In this unique package, you’ll receive a set 7 reports in 7 different topics, all targeted to helping YOU make more money.

  • Traffic Tactics
  • Product Creation Tactics
  • Productivity Tactics
  • Social Media Tactics
  • Upsell Tactics
  • Web Copy Tactics
  • Email Marketing Tactics

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus #5

The 6 Figure List – How often have you heard the saying – “the money is in the list”. Well, this incredible 148 page eBook is what you need to build your list and take your email marketing to the next level. Topics covered include:

  • What is a marketing system
  • An overview of the marketing funnel
  • Email templates for pre-sales, post-sales and pre-launch notifications
  • How to get a surge of subscribers on your list

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Bonus #6

Ready Made Sales Letters – 5 professional sales templates for various popular and highly profitable niches

  • Quickly and easily produce sales letters in a matter of minutes
  • Spend less time on the sales letter creation and more time marketing
  • Templates for Internet Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Weight Loss, and Pickup or Dating
  • Includes Master Resale Rights

Instructions – How to Claim Your Bonuses

Step 1: Clear Cookies in Your Web Browser
In order to ensure that you can get your bonuses you must clear the cookies on your web browser prior to ordering. Below are the basic instructions for common browsers. You may also visit the About Cookies website to learn how to clear cookies for most browsers.

How to clear cookies in Firefox:
– Go to Tools
– Go to Options
– Go to Privacy and then Private Data
– Click Settings
– Check Cache and check Cookies, then click the OK button
– Click the “Clear Now” button

Clear your cookies in Internet Explorer 6:
– Go To Tools
– Go to Internet Options
– In the General tab and under Browsing History, click Delete
– Click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files
– Click OK and then OK again.

Clear your cookies in Internet Explorer 7:
– Go To Your Control Panel
– Go to Internet Options
– Under Browsing History, click Delete
– Click the Delete Cookies button

Step 2: Order Using The Link Below

Once you have cleared your cookies, Click this link to purchase Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon 2

Verify that my affiliate name is included on the order form. The Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 is being sold via Clickbank. At the bottom of the Clickbank order form you should see my affiliate name [affiliate = mdt09] as shown in the image below. If it is not, then return to step 1.

Step 3: Claim Your Bonus

Forward your receipt to imforsuccess09[@] (change the [@] to just @)

I will confirm your order and provide download links for the bonuses within 24 -48 hours!

Thank You and To Your Success,


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  1. Rollie says:

    Regarding your bonuses for Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 …
    Will the download links be accessible for me for some time? I am on a limited wireless broadband, so depending on the total size of all material, I may have to have access for a few weeks.
    Would that be possible?


  2. tj says:

    Rollie – yes it would be possible. I have sent you an email.


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