Indexed In 1 Minute?

| January 22, 2010

I’m sure that this happens all of the time but it was the first that I had actually seen it on one of my sites.

I had just added a new post and was checking the Google search engine results for my keywords.  Unexpectedly this is what I found…

The site is relatively new and I have not really put too much effort in building backlinks.  I knew the site was indexed it but I wasn’t expecting to see it ranked at all.  I wasn’t expecting the Google Bot to index it in a minute and I was definitely surprised to see it ranked number 12 out of almost 1 million broad matches.  The site is also an autoblog built using WP Robot primarily pulling  content from Amazon.  Although it is an autoblog I have tried not to build it too fast by having too many posts each day.  Hmmm…what does that say about being penalized (or is that a myth) for having duplicate content that I read about all of the time?

Anyway that’s all for now…on to build some backlinks to get on page 1

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