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| February 23, 2011

social monkee

I’m always on the lookout for new methods for easily and quickly building backlinks to my websites. Backlinks are essential if you are running any type of website – whether you are an affiliate marketer, hobbiest or blogger. Backlinks are what helps to drive your site higher in the search engine results and with higher rankings comes more traffic/visitors to your site.

Social Monkee is a new instant link building solution that lets you create 25 backlinks to your sites for free each day. These links are created on unique IP addresses and domains which is important because the links are coming from different networks, not just single site which would characteristic of a spam site. Social Monkee provides two methods for submitting your links – you can use a Firefox plug-in or a web based formed. The plug-in actually helps to automate the form entry by pre-filling the fields with information from your link. The forms provide the ability to enter three separate titles, descriptions and tags for each of your links. One of the three entries will be randomly selected when the link is posted on each site.

If 25 backlinks are not enough for you then there is an optional premium service which you can upgrade to that will allow you to submit to 100 sites three times a day. In addition, it provides link reporting which is not included with the free option. Right now I’m just kicking the tires on the 25 free backlinks per day option but it does meet my needs of being quick and easy 😉

Enjoy! Tim

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