Andy Fletcher’s Amazing Offer – Digi Plugin Rights

| April 14, 2012

On May 1st Andy Fletcher from DigiResults is going to be providing you the opportunity to purchase Digi Plugin Rights which are the rebranding rights 3 of their best selling WordPress plugins – Digi Article Blaster, Digi Traffic Multiplier and WP Syndicator.

These plugins are incredibly successful as they have each accounted for over 6-figures in sales.

If you are looking to add a proven asset to your online business then look no further.

Over the years Andy has been developing software for the Internet marketing community including a DigiResults which is a leading affiliate network and many WordPress plugins. The plugins are typically designed to automate some of the very tedious marketing tasks. They help to build backlinks to your site, which helps to increase traffic by improving your search engine results which ultimately means more sales and/or leads.

I first learned about Andy’s products on the Warrior Forum. His products are very popular in the Special Offers forum and I have been using them for several years. In fact, they have become standard plugins that I use whenever I build a new niche affiliate site.

Lets take a quick look at the three plugins that Andy will be offering re-branding rights:

  • Digi Article Blaster – This plugin automates the syndication of your blog posts as it is capable of submitting your content instantly to over 150 directories. Each article will provide contextual backlinks to your site. Article marketing has long been a staple of Internet Marketing, however, it is extremely tedious in my opinion. In addition, Digi Article Blaster plugin uses standard spin syntax which allows you to create hundreds of different versions of your articles.
  • Digi Traffic Multiplier – Blogging has become one of the most popular methods to kick-off an online business. This can be a small specialized niche site or an affiliate site that caters to multiple products and targets multiple keywords. However a key factor in running your blog is having fresh content. Your blog needs to be updated regularly, not sit for extended periods without having new posts. That can be a challenge for one site, let alone if you are trying to maintain multiple sites. Digi Traffic Multiplier plugin helps to alleviate this issue by automatically populating your blog with targeted content every day that is optimized for the search engine. In addition, the plugin also helps to brand you as an expert in your niche by posting your picture along with the content.
  • WP Syndicator – This is my favorite plugin. As the name indicates this plugin serves to automate the syndication of your content. WP Syndicator will automatically post your content to 15 of the leading Web 2.0 properties including Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, Multiply, Identica, Publr, Posterous, Plurk, Typepad and Xanga. All of these sites get tons of traffic and adding your content is an excellent way to not only gain exposure but valuable backlinks. Another advantage is deep linking. Many marketers simply build backlinks to their main domain URL. With WP Syndicator you are creating backlinks to each and every post (or whichever you choose) and with varied anchor text. This is helpful in getting your posts indexed quickly by the search engines.

Now that we have reviewed the plugins lets looks at Andy’s offer. He is limiting the Digi Plugin Rights to 250 sales and is providing 3 different levels for purchasing. This provides flexibility for online businesses in adding this proven asset to their portfolio. Each level will not only provide you with the software but also with a high-converting sales page and swipe files for e-mail marketing.

Entry Level – You will receive the rights to rebrand and market 1 of the 3 software plugins outlined above.

Corporate Level – You will receive the rights to rebrand and market all 3 software plugins outlined above, as well as, Digi List Builder. Another WordPress plugin, Digi List Builder helps you build your email marketing list by easily adding opt-in forms to your blog

CEO Level – This is the ultimate level which gives you the rights above and also rights to rebrand and market Digi Viral Traffic and Digi Link Doctor. In addition, it also includes the sales copy for the Digi Magnet Kit plugin bundle plus 1-on-1 marketing coaching from Andy.

As you can see, the Digi Plugin Rights is not your typical eBook course that you may find on Clickbank or on marketing forums. This is an asset that comes from a proven software developer that can take your business to the next level.

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