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| March 17, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, George Brown is set to launch his new product, Traffic Ultimatum. It will be officially be available tomorrow, March 18th at 2:00pm ET. Over the last week, thousands of people have watched 3 great videos in which George details a unique and powerful traffic generation method involving YouTube. However, this technique is actually only a very small piece of George’s overall traffic generation strategies. In Traffic Ultimatum George walks you step-by-step how to get traffic from a variety of sources; including article marketing, video marketing, social marketing including Facebook, Pay Per View/media buys and SEO….plus more. This is a massive product of 13 modules that features 21 instructional videos of over 9 hours of playing time, along with 300+ pages of written instruction. The 13 modules cover the following:

  • Module One – Search Engine Optimization and Advanced Market Research – In this first module we will look at the search engines, and how you can dominate them to get masses of free, laser targeted visitors. Plus, AMR so you can be sure you will dominate that market in Google before you even begin (this part rocks!).
  • Module Two ‐ Syndication Marketing – These are the most dependable traffic sources out there. And if you think it’s just article marketing, you are very wrong… Inside you will learn about carnivals, tutorials, guest blogging, eBook submissions and much more too and how it can bring you massive, free, dependable traffic so easily.
  • Module Three ‐ Video Marketing – In this module we look at the future: video marketing. But more specifically how it can easily be exploited right now to get just unbelievable amounts of traffic (and no one’s doing this stuff!)
  • Module Four ‐ Social Network Marketing – Web 2.0 is big, and in this module we look at how you can get your slice of the pie and leverage some of the most popular sites on the internet for a ton of extra free traffic.
  • Module Five ‐ Social Media Marketing – There’s no 2 ways about it: Social media is HUGE. And as a marketer it presents one of the greatest opportunities in years. In this powerful module, learn how to use websites like Facebook to drive thousands of free visitors to your sites every single week.
  • Module Six ‐ Conversation Marketing – In this module you’ll look at a method that’s popularity has soaring lately – conversation marketing. The best way to describe this is like real time marketing… you intercept people right as there about to take an action (like buying something) and then get them to your site.
  • Module Seven ‐ Buzz Marketing – In this module you’ll look at how you can drive some serious traffic with Buzz marketing. Buzz marketing is all about generating publicity and creating excitement about something. In our case it’ll be a website… more specifically the website you want to drive traffic to.
  • Module Eight ‐ Viral Marketing – In this module you’ll look at viral marketing and other people can get traffic to YOUR website, for you. You’ve heard of word of mouth right? Well what if people were talking about your website… and they were doing it by spreading links to it all over the place?
  • Module Nine – Piggyback/Integration Marketing – In the final free traffic module you’ll look at one of the most popular marketing methods in the World today. It’s everywhere you look… and indeed what all the Internet’s biggest “guru’s” use to drive all that 7 figure traffic.
  • Module Ten – PPC (Pay Per Click) & Adwords – Easily the most popular form of paid traffic available today, Adwords is the subject of near endless discussion. Learn the the exact PPC system that finally worked for George, and finally made him money.
  • Module Eleven‐ Contextual Advertising – Adwords is the best known, but it is a fact that over 80% of all traffic on the Internet comes from contextual advertising. In this very important module you’ll learn how to get your slice of the pie.
  • Module Twelve ‐ PPV (Pay Per View) – PPV is the latest buzz word in internet marketing. Everyone wants to get involved and it’s clear why. If you want to buy tens of thousands of visitors at as low as 1 cent per click… pay very close attention and learn how in this module.
  • Module Thirteen – The Super Advanced “Ninja” Stuff – In this *very* special addition to the course George will show the absolute most cutting edge stuff. This is really unique, and very, very advanced material that covers stuff like big email buys (tens of thousands of dollars on one ad), and outsourcing all your traffic generation.

Traffic Ultimatum is a very highly anticipated product that will surely be another best seller for George Brown. Click Here To Learn About My Traffic Ultimatum Bonus and Rebate Offer For Purchasing From This Site.

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