Learning When and What to Outsource in Your Blogging Business

| December 5, 2017

Lets discuss outsourcing, it can be either a boon or bane to your blogging business, depending on how you do it.

As a blog master, you are busy – sometimes too busy to do justice to all of the things that must be done. As you work through your blogging business using your SOP at hand, you may find there are tasks you despise doing, tasks that take up too much time or simply tasks that other people could do better, faster, and in many cases cheaper for you.

Take the case of coming up with enough post content. This is always a challenge for one-person bloggers. If you have a team working for you that is one thing, but a sole blogger is responsible for everything.

However, help is just a couple of mouse clicks away. Many bloggers either contract independent ghostwriters to write their blog posts or use the services of sites like Fiverr, iWriter and others you can find by doing an Internet search. It can come down to the biggest differences between sites being quality and price.

What is nice about outsourcing to an independent ghostwriter is that you can contract that person to provide a certain number of blog posts of a certain length for a certain price. As long as you keep the contract in place, you get the content you need; monthly contracts are very common.

If you just need a post now and then, you can do one-off orders with writing sites where you get what is specified in the agreement and once the final product is delivered, the job ends. If you want that same service again, you have to put in another job request.

By outsourcing tasks you either don’t enjoy doing or ones that consume too much of your time, you are free to work on other parts of your business you do enjoy doing or will have the time to explore blog expansion opportunities. Like adding another blog to your stable.

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