How to Generate Web Traffic

| October 26, 2009

Everyone wants to know how to generate web traffic. The reason is quite simple. Web traffic is the blood source of any online business.

Businesses have to continuously learn how to generate web traffic to keep people coming in and make successful transactions. There are plenty of resources, tools and services in the internet as well that can guarantee you visitors without much money, time and effort. My advice below is to find the right approach that best suits your line of business, budget and interest.

Publishing Web Content

Large scale businesses usually have the resources and people who can guarantee large amounts of traffic on a regular basis. However, small and medium-sized ones will have to rely on cost-effective strategies to generate web traffic without sacrificing much of their hard-earned money.

About 88% of internet browsers use search engines to look for items in the Web. Online retail purchases per year constitute more than $80 billion. Web content vendors can offer you stability and leverage by delivering organic traffic through sound and useful content.

Content and Visibility

You will gain more visibility if the content of your web site is relevant and useful to the needs of your target audience. Before, common approaches involved infusing key words and codes, title tags, attractive graphics, meta tags and other solutions to let potential customers find related sites.

As far as search engine optimization is concerned, content is the most important aspect of your web site. You have to use high quality search-targeted online text and web content to get good content. If you really want to know how to generate web traffic then simply look at they ways the big sites exploit content.

Using excellent content will ensure that search engine spiders and human consumers can easily land on your page via search engines. If you have copies that are original, informative and professionally written, you can pass on the message to your potential customers that you are credible and have authority in terms of your line of business. Relevant web content boosts page ranking which in turn will result to higher ranks in results in organic search engines.


Banner ads are not obsolete in today’s internet marketing world. You can actually use word banner ads to boost traffic significantly as several consumers still rely on these when searching. The cost is usually based on the impression and the number of clicks. You only pay when someone clicks on the banner ad leading to your web site. Impressions will only be useful if visitors actually enter your site. Targeting is key.

The Power of Linking

Linking to other web sites is a very effective way of getting targeted traffic. You have to look for credible and relevant web sites offering useful content that potential customers keep checking and reviewing. It is recommended that you only link to web sites that are reputable and related to your business.

Gather information about the web sites then send an email or private message to the owner requesting for a link. This is how to generate web traffic with the help of other people!

In most cases, webmasters will swap links for free. Others will require a fee. An affiliate program is one of the best linking systems which guarantees that your site will be found via others online.

Joint Ventures and Viral Marketing

You can get targeted traffic as well using joint ventures. You can promote products and services using each other’s lists. Joint ventures boost sales and customer lists in a short period of time. Developing joint ventures (JVs) allow you to use the results of the first to promote the next. The more joint ventures you enter into, the more sales you will get.

It is also helpful to enter JVs only with reputable individuals online. You may find experts in forums. Simply read some of the posts and articles then make a proposition.

Viral marketing is one way of how to generate traffic in the least amount of time. You can choose a product that has value with permanent links leading back to your web site. You can sell or give away the product too, encouraging your customers to do the same. The product or content can spread all over the internet similar to a virus, with the links sending back potential clients to your site.

Launching campaigns with other web site owners online is also a very cost-effective and helpful approach to get your sites known to many. Pulling web traffic out of thin air is possible this way. Look for people who are in the same line of business then develop ways to advertise and promote your products and services.

Be sure to visit to learn how to get “hungry” customers to your web site for a very low cost. Traffic Drill can show you how to generate web traffic right now. There’s nothing like it.

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