WP Robot 1.2 – Better Than Ever

| September 28, 2009

WP RobotA new version of the excellent WordPress automation plugin, WP Robot, has recently been released by Lunatic Studios.  WP Robot allows you to build a completely automated WordPress blog from a variety of content sources.  In addition it can help to monetize your blog by embedding your affiliate links from various vendors into your posts.  WP Robot features a core component that is basically the heart of the plugin plus additional add-on modules.  Included in the core is the ability to pull in ads from the Clickbank marketplace allowing you to promote their affiliate products within your blog.  The additional WP Robot modules will pull in Amazon products, Articles, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers and YouTube videos directly into your blog posts.

So what is new in WP Robot 1.2?  I haven’t even discussed that yet but surely you can see the potential for building niche blogs on autopilot.  One thing that I appreciate from the guys at Lunatic Studios is that they are continuously looking to improve their product. They regularly provide updates to add functionality or perform minor fixes.  Version 1.2 now includes the ability to add eBay RSS feeds to your posts allowing you to have the latest auction listings in your posts.  There is also a new Flickr image module which can add related images to your blog and posts.  The new Mix feature allows you to add the eBay and Flickr features to posts created by other modules.   For example, add Flickr images to the articles that are posted by the Article module.  Another welcome addition to Wp Robot 1.2 is the ability to add bulk keywords that are posted on random intervals based on your chosen modules.  As you can see the versatility of this plug-in is incredible.  In addition, it is very easy to install and configure the plugin from within your WP Admin console.  WP Robot is highly recommended.

You can check out the following websites to see WP Robot in action:

==>  Click here to visit the official WP Robot website

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  1. Paul says:

    Any idea if the Flickr plugin creates keyword-based alt tags for the photos it imports? In my experience the alt tags help a lot with SEO.

  2. tj says:


    You are right, the alt tags do help with SEO.

    I checked with the WP Robot support and at this time the Flickr module does not create alt tags based on your keyword. However, there is good news. That feature will be added to the next update.


    Thanks, Tim