WP Robot – Is It The Ultimate Autoblog Plug-in?

| July 18, 2009

WP Robot

WP Robot is a new automation plug-in from Lunatic Studios.  This plug-in is capable of pulling in keyword targeted content to your blog from a variety of modules; including Articlesbase articles, Amazon products, eBay auctions, Yahoo answers, Youtube videos and Clickbank ads.  In addition, WP Robot can translate and rewrite any post that it creates.  You can include your affiliate ID in any Amazon, Clickbank or eBay post to help monetize your blog.

Click Here To Visit The WP Robot Website

At the heart of the plug-in is the core module which comes in 3 versions; Basic (it’s free), Advanced and Elite.  The core module is required to use any of the additional modules and it includes the ability to autopost Clickbank ads.  The additional modules are available “a la carte” and you receive a discount with the more modules that you purchase.  The functionality of WP Robot is very easy to set-up.  Basically you will enter your keyword and then select the modules that you want to pull content into your blog.  You also schedule the keyword to pull content by the hour or day.  In addition, WP Robot allows you to set the posting percentages for each module however you want.  For example, you can set it to post Amazon products 50% of the time, articles 40% and Yahoo answers 10%.

WP Robot is powerful and easy to use, just as advertised.  I have used it to incorporate Amazon products with fresh article and Youtube content to a few blogs.  One recommendation..if there is a module that you think that you could possible use just go ahead and buy it.  It will save you a little money.  Don’t make the same mistake I that I did and buy each module separately.  Enjoy and happy autoblogging.


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